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BFST Ankle/Foot-Top Wrap

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Treat Ankle Sprains, Rolled Ankle, Peroneal Tendons, All Medial (inside) Ankle Ligaments/Tendons & All Lateral (outside) Ankle Ligaments / Tendons

Maximize your BFST® Anytime, Anywhere
with an Ankle / Foot-Top BFST Wrap®

Use an Ankle / Foot-Top BFST Wrap® anytime to increase natural blood flow in the top of your foot and inside/ouside ankle areas injury. Enhance your body's natural healing process by delivering oxygen, nutrients, anti-bodies and energy directly to the site of your injury.

What It Treats:

Ankle / Foot-Top BFST Wrap® treats:

  • Peroneal Tendons: Peroneus Longus, Peroneus Brevis

  • Medial Ankle Ligaments (inside of foot): Posterior Tibiotalar, Tibiocalcaneal, Tibionavicular, Anterior Tibiotalar Ligaments

  • Lateral Ankle Ligaments (outside of foot): Anterio Talofibular, Calcaneofibular, Posterior Talofibular Ligaments

  • Part of the Extensor Tendons Closest to the leg (not the toe)

When To Treat:

Use the Ankle / Foot-Top BFST Wrap® :

  • After swelling and inflammation have been reduced with an Ankle / Foot-Top ColdCure Wrap®

  • Before exercise or workouts to warm up your soft tissue, tendons and ankle ligaments to prevent straining/re-injury

  • Before and after surgery during rehabilitation to warm up your tissues before physical therapy exercising or stretching

  • Anytime you feel that your ankle or top of foot has stiffened up, reducing mobility and causing pain

  • Anytime you have sore or aching soft tissue

And any other situation where you need to increase blood flow to your injury to relax your soft tissue, relieve pain, prevent re-injury and enhance the flexibility of your ankle and Achilles tendon!

Get Ultimate Healing Power by Increasing Blood Flow
with an Ankle / Foot-Top BFST Wrap®

When your ankle is first injured you need to deal with the pain, swelling and inflammation first. A lot of people will use cold compression with our Ankle / Foot-Top ColdCure Wrap® to rapidly reduce pain and swelling in their ankle. After inflammation has been reduced it is much easier to start dealing with the actual injury and on-going pain.

Some people think that their injury is completely healed when the swelling is gone... this is a critical mistake! When you assume that your injury is healed because the swelling is gone - you actually put your injury at greater risk for further damage. Until your injury is healed your body is in a weakened state. Even the slightest movement of your ankle can worsen your injury and cause a huge amount of swelling again!

Ankle injuries will heal faster with an Ankle / Foot-Top BFST Wrap<sup>®</sup>.

Relying on your injured ankle without proper healing can result in a constant re-injury cycle or a chronic degenerative condition (like tendinitis, tendinosis, or arthritis). When your swelling has gone down your body is ready and starving for oxygen, nutrients, antibodies and energy that's available in your own blood flow.

Proper blood flow is essential for complete ankle injury healing!

This is where the Ankle / Foot-Top BFST Wrap® comes in...

This device provides Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™ that boosts your body's own natural healing system by increasing blood flow directly to your injured ankle and surrounding soft tissue.

With an Ankle / Foot-Top BFST Wrap® you get directed healing that is brought straight to the source of your ankle injury, where healing is needed most!

Ankle / Foot-Top BFST Wrap® = The Most Effective Blood Flow Stimulators Available!

The Ankle / Foot-Top BFST Wrap® can help you heal and reduce the pain caused by your ankle injury, Achilles tear or chronic ankle condition. Consistent conservative treatment with an Ankle / Foot-Top BFST Wrap® will stimulate blood flow to soothe your pain and treat damaged tissue - providing an incredible therapeutic experience!

The Ankle / Foot-Top BFST Wrap® is an amazing product that relaxes peroneal tendons, and both medial (inside ankle) and lateral (outside ankle)ligaments and tendons while reducing pain and speeding up the body's natural healing process. Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™ reduces, or even eliminates, the need for potentially harmful medication while it heals your damaged tissue. This therapy can also be used with other conservative treatment methods - like physical therapy, post-surgery rehabilitation, cold compression with an Ankle / Foot-Top ColdCure Wrap® and passive exercises and stretches.

The Ankle / Foot-Top BFST Wrap® is the only product we know that has been developed specifically to heal soft tissue injury by using Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™. It works unbelievably well! You can be certain there is nothing else like an Ankle / Foot-Top BFST Wrap® for complete ankle and top of foot soft tissue healing.

The incredible healing power provided by our Ankle / Foot-Top BFST Wrap®comes highly recommended by physicians, therapists and sports professionals worldwide.

Why you will love your Ankle / Foot-Top BFST Wrap®

People everywhere are choosing the BFST Inferno Wrap® for home therapy because:

With soft, plush neoprene, maximum breathability, a flexible Energy Web warming component and adjustable Velcro closures the Ankle/Achilles Inferno Wrap has been designed with total comfort and convenience in mind.
  • it heals your injured tissue, safely and naturally, without medication
  • it heals small tears from daily use to reduce the risk of tendonitis, tendinosis, arthritis and other chronic conditions
  • it soothes pain and whisks away toxins
  • it reduces the pain of chronic conditions
  • it can be used before exercise to warm the Achilles tendon and ligaments in the ankle to reduce the risk of injury - Professional athletes use them!
  • it repairs minor tissue damage when used after activity
  • it saves time and money associated with doctor or physical therapist visits

The Powerful BFST® Healing Advantage

Applying a ElectroMagnetic Diathermy Therapy to your injured ankle can boost your body's natural ability to re-grow tissue needed to heal. Regular Ankle / Foot-Top BFST Wrap® treatments can reduce pain and stiffness from scar tissue and increase overall joint flexibility. Increasing blood flow with an Ankle / Foot-Top BFST Wrap® will also increase the amount of oxygen that is being sent to your tissue AND your tissue's ability to absorb oxygen. (reference: 1)

Energy waves emitted from BFST Wraps penetrate deep into tissue to speed healing rate.

Not only that, but increased blood flow whisks away dead or dying cells and any toxins those cells are producing in your ankle. Getting rid of toxins can help to create a positive healing environment for your tissue. Decreased toxin elimination in a soft tissue injury happens because of decreased bloodflow, but with the BFST Wrap®, your damaged tissue can now receive tons of blood flow rich in oxygen and nutrients. This is the stunning benefit of consistent Ankle / Foot-Top BFST Wrap® BFST® treatments.

The Ankle / Foot-Top BFST Wrap® Treatment Advantages just keep coming...

According to the trusted medical knowledge of Justus F. Lehmann, M.D. (well-known rehabilitation medicine specialist), increasing the temperature of the ankle (a side effect of BFST® treatments) will produce this effect: (reference: link):

1. Increased Flexibility of Tissue

Warming up tissue before stretching (exercise at home or in a physical therapy clinic) can provide on-going flexibility in your tissue that will continue after the stretch is done. Experiments conducted by medical professionals have shown that applying warm temperature treatments (like the Ankle / Foot-Top BFST Wrap®) before stretching range-of-motion exercises can provide lingering flexibility that is beneficial when stretching tendons and ligaments in and around the ankle joint.

The continuously contracted knot in a muscle fiber stops blood flow at the trigger point starving tissue of oxygen and nutrients. Metabolic waste and toxins build in the area causing pain, tension, and spasm in the muscle.

2. Decreased Joint Stiffness

Medical studies have shown a decrease in joint stiffness after the temperature of injured tissue is increased with a warming temperature therapy compared to the stiffness experienced at a much lower, normal, body temperature.

3. Lessen Occurrence of Muscle Spasms

Tissue and muscles that have been over-strained or injured can suffer from continuous squeezing in the muscle fibers... This is also known as a muscle spasm or trigger point pain. On-going muscle spasms will decrease blood flow and increase your nerves' sensitivity to pain.

It has been believed for a long time by many medical professionals that a warming treatment like Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™ can reduce muscle spasms. Increasing blood flow will stop the cycle of muscle spasms by feeding your ankle and Achilles tendon (or other affected soft tissues) with enough blood flow to relax.

4. Pain Reduction

There are a lot of reasons why you may feel pain in your ankle... You could be feeling pain from soft tissue strain, lack of blood flow, and even stress placed on your nerves due to overall stiffness in the ankle. Significant pain relief can be felt from introducing Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™ treatments. Increasing the temperature of your ankle can reduce pain sensation experienced by the nerves in your damaged tissue.

5. Increased Blood Flow

Ankle and Achilles tendon pain can be felt all the way up the lower leg (into the calf muscles) or even at the back of the heel in the foot.

Using a treatment with a device like the Ankle / Foot-Top BFST Wrap®, can produce an increased level of blood flow similar to the amount of blood flow achieved through regular exercise.

6. Relief From On-going Inflammation

Increased blood flow can take away any remaining built up fluid (edema) and lingering inflammation. This will help to decrease your pain and speed up the healing process.

7. Treatment for a Variety of Ankle Injuries

Electromagnetic therapies like BFST® Ankle / Foot-Top BFST Wrap® treatments are now becoming a leading edge medical care solution for soft tissue injuries to promote both relief in chronic injuries (tendinitis, tendinosis, or arthritis) and speed up the overall healing process for newer (acute) ankle soft tissue injuries.

With BFST® your injured ankle is constantly being fed with healing, nutritious, oxygen and energy filled blood. This is exactly what your body needs to heal.

Incredible therapy and comfort - all wrapped up in one.

The unique Ankle / Foot-Top BFST Wrap® is designed with every detail in mind to give you the most effective and most enjoyable therapeutic experience available anywhere. Here’s how! The Ankle / Foot-Top BFST Wrap®:

Proprietary technology, special design and medical and industrial grade material ensure a unique design for the Ankle/Achilles Inferno Wrap.
  • Plugs into a wall outlet to get the necessary power for consistent therapeutic treatments.

  • Has a special signal controller that can be set for 3 different power levels of application (3 = High, 2 = Medium, 1 = Low) with an automatic shut off feature.

  • Has a flexible Energy Web® that conforms to your body like cloth.

  • Has a 7 foot long cord so you can sit or lie comfortably and watch TV, read or surf the net while you're using it.

  • Operates with no sound or vibration or motion.

  • Doesn't require the use of creams or gels.

  • Allows you to simply wrap it snugly around your foot and turn it on.

  • Has adjustable Velcro® straps for a fit that you control to your personal level of comfort.

  • Fits conveniently over or under clothes so you can wear it and carry on with your day.

  • Is made of soft, breathable material with comfort in mind to insulate your warming treatment temperature.

  • Is made of premium, medical grade neoprene that won't stretch out of shape over time.

There is NOTHING on the market like this to soothe your ankle pain and to help your injury heal. With used as directed, we guarantee it will work!

Speak to your doctor, physical therapist or other trusted medical professional today to see how you can incorporate Ankle / Foot-Top BFST Wrap® treatments into your injury recovery process.

What can an Ankle / Foot-Top BFST Wrap® Treat?

An Ankle / Foot-Top BFST Wrap® promotes healing and/or treats on-going pain and stiffness for:

  • Ankle tendon rupture and tenderness
  • ankle sprain, ankle strain, twisted ankle
  • chronic ankle pain
  • tarsal tunnel syndrome
  • arthritis pain
  • bursitis maintenance
  • gout
  • talofibular ligament sprain or tear
  • repetitive stress injury (RSI)
  • post-operative recovery
  • other soft tissue ankle injuries and chronic conditions

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  • Our iron-clad 60 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your Ankle / Foot-Top BFST Wrap® just send it back for a refund - with no re-stocking fees.

  • Automatic 1 year replacement warranty against defects.

  • Optional 5 year extended warranty on your entire purchase.

  • Payment plan (3 easy payments) with no credit approval necessary to get you your Ankle / Foot-Top BFST Wrap® faster.

The Next Step is Up to You.. Get your Inferno Wrap® and start healing now!

Our customers love the quick, natural pain relief and you will too.

Call for your personal treatment plan.

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